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Iran has a fascinating political, social and cultural history. With only recently opening up its borders, this is the perfect time to visit Iran. The country has beautiful nature and architecture, a fascinating culture and is of course interesting from a political point of view. The trip will aim to cover aspects of Iranian culture, history and politics.

  • Trip Leaders: Zohaib Ahmed and Gabriella Monasso
  • Estimated cost: £450-500 (not including visas*). Note that if this seems too expensive, please apply anyway as we are hoping to secure funding to subsidise the cost.
  • Estimated dates: April 7th – April 16th

*Important Visa Information:

  • Unfortunately American, Israeli and Canadian citizens cannot apply for an Iranian visa.
  • You are also not allowed to enter Iran if your current passport shows you have visited Israel.


Provisional Itinerary:

To gain an insight perspective on the politics of the country this trip will visit a number of organisations ranging from NGOs to the Centre for Strategic Research.

An insight into Iranian society and culture will be provided through visits to the university in Tehran and meet ups with local students there.

We will also be exploring the history of this region in Tehran’s palaces and bazaars.

Furthermore, we will go to Isfahan, which is designated as world heritage site by UNESCO. Here we will get a chance to explore the beautiful Islamic architecture and culture that Iran has to offer.

Provisional Itinerary:

  • University of Tehran
  • Faculty of World Studies
  • Centre for Strategic Research
  • UNDP
  • Embassy
  • Sight seeing in Tehran and Isfahan
  • International Organisation for Migrants
  • Organisation for defending victims of violence in Iran
  • Embassy Trip

If you are interested and would like more information then check out the Facebook group or email one of the trip leaders ( or


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