The International Summer Academy

The International Summer Academy of the Politeïa Network


The International Summer Academy (ISA) is the main annual event for the Politeia Network, an informal community of students and young people across the world who have an interest in International Relations and International Affairs and of which the LSE’s Grimshaw Club is a founding member. The network aims to provide platforms for intercultural dialogue between member organisations.

Each year, one member organisation takes a turn in hosting the ISA, inviting small delegations from the other member organisations to join them. The format and topic of the ISA changes each year  but the central concept is that it is a conference organised by members for the academic benefit of one another, typically taking place over 5-7 days. ISAs are normally attended by approximately 30 students.

For more information on the Politeïa Network’s mission and history; its membership and on past and future ISAs, please visit the Politeïa website here.

The ISA 2017 will be hosted by  Conferencia Mariano Otero in Mexico City. Spaces for Grimshaw members will be available. Please feel free to send any questions to Isabella Wilson, at:

The Grimshaw Club’s International Summer Academy 2016

The ISA 2016 was held in the historic LSE Old Building, in the heart of the Holborn campus in central London (left image courtesy of The Anthropology Department kindly leant the Grimshaw Club the use of their Seligman Library for the event.


From the 25th- 29th June, The Grimshaw  Club hosted the ISA 2016. The topic for Grimshaw’s ISA was: ‘The Survival of a Union: What does the future look like for the EU?’. With the ISA held just two days after the historic EU referendum in the UK and the ‘Brexit’ result, the future one of the most important experiments in regional integration in International Relations held plenty of opportunity for debate. The ISA 2016 brought together over 20 participants from four different member organisations with leading academics and experts for diverse and unique seminars. To view the final programme of events for the ISA 2016 click the link below.



Some of the participants and organisers of the ISA 2016. Joining Grimshaw were delegations from Mexico, Germany and Switzerland.


Swati Dhingra from LSE’s Economics Department, spoke to participants on the potential economic consequences of Brexit.


Participants visited Somerset House to view their ‘Utopia’ exhibit on experimental communities and lifestyles from around the world.


The ISA featured interactive workshops, including this one from the German delegation on the topic of Germany’s renewable energy projects.


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